Terry’s Story

When a great story is told, it grabs you right from the start and keeps you interested and involved all the way to its conclusion. Terry’s “story” is one of caring, involvement, energy and enthusiasm for her family and her work.

A Personal Heritage

Raised in Miami, Terry is the oldest of four children from a large and loving extended family that remains very close to this day.

Through these bonds, Terry gained the values that are the foundation of her family life and business success—always striving to reach her highest and best potential and supporting others in her life to do the same.

With her strong work ethic and commitment to treating others with dignity and respect, Terry is known for truly being there for her clients. This is at the heart of Terry’s unique “story,” It’s is all about loyalty and trust, says Terry.

Passionate Energy

Terry’s strong work ethic and passion for what she does has enabled her to accomplish many things—from earning an MBA, to excelling in business. And, it also says a lot about Terry that so much of her passionate energy is channeled toward helping others—but it’s not surprising when you consider how she was brought up.

The energy and passion Terry invests in every endeavor and her genuine pleasure for helping others is a tale that gets better with each telling. Nowhere is this more evident than in her career as a leading real estate professional in East Boca and the surrounding coastal communities.

Every day Terry helps create success stories for others by combining her exceptional business insight and local real estate knowledge. The result is a professional who’s also gained a well-earned reputation as a national real estate spokesperson and radio personality on National Public Radio (NPR).

A True Success Story

People who work with Terry get the benefit of a highly skilled expert in the many complexities of buying or selling a home, from advice on financing and referrals, to resources for repairs and remodels. For each of her clients, Terry has the systems in place to develop an effective plan-of-action to achieve the best possible results.

From beginning to end, she’s with you every step of the way, ensuring that the entire process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Clients know they can count on Terry’s honesty, and appreciate her warm and professional approach.

“Every client has their own unique story to tell,” says Terry, “and I strive always to listen carefully and to help each client make the best choices for their needs.”